Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our life is an endless succession of people saying goodbye: Kimono Draggin' Edition

Wednesday, May 4: Kimono Draggin', Cats and Cats and Cats, Ladycop @ BAR, New Haven

(Kimono Joe got SuperScenic Vision for his B-Day, that's how much we like him)

Alas, with heavy hearts we bid farewell this week to our recent "newest favorite CT band" Kimono Draggin' - seems we only just met and fell in love with them, WTF.

Well, at least they're playing themselves out. We've been checking the Wednesday night scene at BAR where consummate show booker Manic Productions has been doing great things, presenting indie rock from near and far. It's pretty cool. It's free, they brew their own beer, there's pizza, and these big padded fish tank thingies you can sit in if you're lazy. And as you would expect, the joint is typically full of CT music scene-lebrities, like this guy.

In case you haven't heard them and were too lazy to click the link above (which is one of our funniest posts, seriously!), here's what we had to say about Kimono Draggin' on our first impression:
These guys are kind of like Mister Bungle, if Mister Bungle was actually fun (for us) to listen to. By which we mean they are amazing technical musicians playing silly, schizoid music that pretty much makes a raucous mockery of overblown rock and metal as well as overly earnest alternative styles via genre hopping, shredding, goofy lyrics, outrageous falsettos, and unexpected references. They also made adorable small penis jokes about their half (3 1/2") of the 7-inch. You know this means their actual cocks are HUGE.
Since then we've also learned that bassist/singer Josh is an amazing whiskey blogger, which doesn't tell you much about their music, but may give you some idea what drinks to buy him. Suffice to say, we are bummed that these guys are calling it quits as a band, especially since the Scenic ladies had high hopes of using our association with them to realize their video vixen fantasies. Oh well, maybe those puppet people can give us something debauched to do on camera instead if we keep talking them up.

The FB event tells us KD is playing first, so don't be late. We haven't heard Cats and Cats and Cats but understand they've come all the way from the UK to charm us with their accents. Ladycop is from NYC; let's show them that CT knows how to stand around with arms crossed in slovenly  dress just as well as Brooklyn, thank you very much.

This new KD vid does not feature any Scenics, but it's still hot stuff!

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  1. Thank you Scenics! I love that this is under the "Sexy" tag!