Friday, May 6, 2011

I'll like whatever Kimono Josh tells me to like

Sunday, May 8: Old Man Lady Luck, Chumps, Electric Bucket @ BAR, New Haven

So Wednesday night I went to see that Kimono Draggin' farewell show *sniff* - you remember, it was like, one post ago. I got their early so I could say hi to the band fellas, and right away Josh wanted to know why wasn't I wearing my Morbid Angel t-shirt, which made such a splash on facebook when I posted this adorable old picture:

This got us into a whole thing about what huge metal dorks we all were and how horribly unfashionable "back in the day." And Kimono Chris said something about Slayer or maybe it was back patches, and I had to confess to this item:

(which was actually cobbled together from hand-me-downs for an
80s themed day back in the 90s, but still... yeah... this)

Anyway, I explained that I had indeed considered various outfits that evening to pay fitting tribute on the occasion of their final show, but had ultimately decided to go with kind of a "sexy Han Solo" vibe because it was Star Wars Day, and earlier Josh had posted "May the Fourth be with you" on Facebook, and then we got into it about how much we love those movies and what great Star Wars toys we all own.

(truth: I just like to dress like Han Solo, and then I saw the Star Wars Day thing - synchronicity!)

Point being, these guys are obviously my long lost brothers, so if one of them says check out some band that's playing a must-see show this Sunday, I'm gonna take the thirty seconds on youtube and check out the band. Old Man Lady Luck seems to be some kind of stoner/doom heavy thing, which I can dig, and a New Haven "supergroup" to boot (members of the Vultures, Bloarzeyd and Murdervan - we've mentioned all those cats here before). And wow, Steve Albini worked on their record. That's some serious indie cred right there. And dig that flier! That broad with the hot body and the big beard will be me after menopause if I keep up the Bikram!

I'm too hungry to check out those other bands right now, but isn't this enough? Check the links... sorry, Electric Bucket's is a myspace page. Those are the worst!

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  1. I had a Slayer patch just like that. I would love to find one again.