Saturday, May 7, 2011

Holly Golightly and The Proud Flesh

Sunday, May 8: Holly Golightly and The Proud Flesh @ Cafe Nine

It was only a week ago that 3/4 of Team Scenic had fun seeing MT Bearington and Eula at Cafe Nine, and the awesome streak continues with Holly Golightly and the Proud Flesh on Sunday. After you take your mom to see Mommie Dearest, take her to this!

I have a friend that makes me mix cds for my birthday every year, and she always includes a track by Holly Golightly. Having absolutely no knowledge of who Holly Golightly is, I had always gotten the feeling that she was a garage musician from the 60's by the way those songs sounded. Not the case! As it turns out, her career began in the 90s, and she was also a part of Thee Headcoatees (who we've totally heard of). Because I am lazy, here is what her website has to say:

Although often connected with garage rock, HOLLY GOLIGHTLY'S music is more a mixture of pre-rock electric country blues, folk and less frantic rock & roll. It brings to mind a bourbon soaked honky tonk bar, evenings on a dusty front porch with your faithful hound, cracked hearts and foot stomping good times. She creates a world all of her own, one that's warm hearted, true to it's roots and not swayed by fads and fashions.

And let's not forget the Proud Flesh, who, if you've been paying attention around here, you've totally heard of. Katie Scenic enjoyed their performance at that guy's house that time, and also told you about their album Tiny Picture Frames over here.

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