Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farm to Street... specifically, Broad St.

We'd been hearing rumors that the chefs from Middletown's It's Only Natural were going to start a vegan food truck business, but didn't have any details- until I came into work on Thursday, to find this friendly note from a thoughtful coworker:

The Billings Forge Farmer's Market is a nice place to enjoy your lunch break on a Thursday. Besides selling produce, bread and cheese from local farms, vendors also sell artisan soaps and other handmade goods, cargo bikes, and there is usually some kind of live music going on. I got a cup of organic fair trade coffee from Bean and Leaf before going to check out the GMonkey Truck.

Oh, such options! I had run into a scenic pal who recommended the black bean burger, and yet another scenic pal who had nice things to say about the spicy peanut noodles and the smoothies. I was interested in the chili, but decided to get the burger instead.

Ok, friendly suggestion? More burger, less bread. Maybe even less bread, and a few GMonkey fries (those are the sweet potato fries that are so delicious at ION). A few bites in, I realized it would be in my best interest to take the top pieces of bread off and actually enjoy the flavor of chipotle and pesto, which is what I was going for. The black bean patty was quite tasty, but for $7, eh... I wound up throwing that bread away.

Anyway, the GMonkey truck will be at Billings Forge every Thursday, and that is good. They also have a regular gig in Durham, and possibly Bushnell Park. Check out their calendar on facebook, and if you beg them hard enough, maybe you can get tasty organic vegan truck food where you live.


  1. I am the co owner of GMONKEY. Gmonkey is NOT owned or founded by the chefs from ION. My husband co-owns ION with another partner and Gmonkey was founded by Chef Mark Shadle and myself, Raw foods Chef Ami Beach Shadle. Gmonkey is NOT directly affiliated with ION, so please make that adjustment. Neither company are affiliated with the other directly
    If you would like to discuss this please feel free to contact me 860-989-502o so you can avoid any further confusion from the public

  2. idon'tgotoionanywayMay 17, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    wow, I couldn't wait to check out gmonkey.
    I understand they were not affiliated with ION from the start. When someone is the main chef somewhere, it's gonna have influence on new projects, ya know?!

    Sounds like all the good energy may all be coming from Mr. Shadle as usual.

  3. Wow Ami, you sound peeved. It looks like an honest mistake to me...CT Scenic rocks.
    How 'bout a 'thank you' for checking you guys out and writing about it?? Geez...

  4. Wow Laura Fitzscenic! I was SO CONFUSED by the incredibly brief part of this review when you mentioned a rumor about a vegan food truck and possible Shit's Only Natural affiliation that I totally missed the part where you tried a $7 blob of bread.

    If you want to have some bangin' vegan food truck lunch from some non-cunty people go see Thai Food On the Wheels in Bushnell Park. The tofu pad thai is delicious. Very affordable and VERY POLITE. Possibly affiliated with someone or maybe not, who fucking cares?

  5. Thanks Whatatwat!
    I think I will stay clear of Gmonkey, sounds like half of them aren't very friendly. Too bad, I like the idea, but I'm not into a side of sour with ma chow.

    CT Scenic- your readers love you. Keep up the good work!!