Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Another) Big Burlesque Weekend

Friday, December 17: Burlesque & Variety Holiday Spectacular @ Cafe Nine, New Haven
Sunday, December 19: Burlesque & Variety Holiday Spectacular @ Jokers Wild, New Haven

Lately we just can't get enough of burlesque, New Haven, Cafe Nine and Lipgloss Crisis. And now that we've been to like four burlesque shows we're totally experts. Expert enough at least to heartily endorse this weekend's dual "Holiday Spectacular" shows brought to us by New Haven scene-makers Lipgloss Crisis and Red Light Burlesque. All our favorite ladies will be dancing. We've seen them all before and know they each bring a little something special to the stage. There's multi-talented Dot Mitzvah, who likes to keep true to the roots of burlesque, bringing a sense of humor with her sex appeal. Nikki Le Villain has a bit of a goth vibe and a few show-stopping tricks up her sleeve - belly dancing and, if you're very lucky, her live snake. We'll never forget Lily La Vamp's naughty housewife routine set to Joan Jett. And Miss Kitty Katastrophe is all classic pin-up. 


We admire the female form and don't try to pretend that burlesque is not sexy or titillating, whatever else it might be from certain creative academic perspectives. However, we actually like that it stops short of the gross lasciviousness of plain old stripping and leaves a little something to the imagination - even if that's only a few square inches in the end. If we wanted to see writhing naked bodies, we'd just watch our old sex tapes. We demand that little something extra that burlesque delivers - Plot! Characters! Wardrobe!

But if talented, sexy women taking off flamboyant costumes to quirky music somehow isn't your bag, don't forget the variety component of these shows - live music, snarky hosts "and more." Oh, and booze. And (probably) Scenics. That ought to do it.


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