Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday: Jarvis Jam

Saturday, December 11: The Brian Jarvis Holiday Show @ Hartford Classical Magnet School

It's that time of year, where you get invited to all kinds of events with a charitable twist. Which is totally nice and all, but we're only interested in these events if they are objectively good, and not just feel-good. Featuring friends-of-the-blog helps: Brian Jarvis - we totally know him, sorta; ditto Seth Adam. Most excitingly for us, this holiday show will include the Alternate Routes, in our opinion one of CT's better bands, who have some kind of cool story about getting plucked from obscurity at one of those showcase gigs that no one ever really gets plucked from obscurity at. We heard this song of theirs one time and never forgot it. So catchy!

Word on the street (by which of course we mean the gmail) is that this event may sell out, so purchase a ticket (a whopping $5 + toy donation).

We're always telling people to please send sexy visuals, so we'd better use them when they actual listen, even if the post is already sufficiently visual. Behold: The Sexy Brian Jarvis Band!

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