Monday, December 13, 2010

Sidewalk Dave: Two Very Important Engagements

Wednesday, December 15: Sidewalk Dave @ BAR, New Haven
Thursday, December 16: Sidewalk Dave @ Black-eyed Sally's, Hartford

We may seem to repeat ourselves around here, but we'll never stop reminding you about Sidewalk Dave gigs, because we're still that excited about them, after all these months! In fact, the more we've seen them live and listened to their tunes at home (and in the car, and on the trail, and at work), the more we like them and selfishly appreciate that they are still something of a hidden CT treasure, sure to be stolen away from us by teenage girls or twenty-something boys one of these days (ugh, screw them).

We've also gotten to know the fellows from Sidewalk Dave a bit through a series of professionally toned emails, brief and barely heard conversations between sets and, of course, sexting. The more we find out, the more there is to love. So we're so happy to announce that we're upgrading Sidewalk Dave from "pretend boyfriends" to "pretend fiancés," and we're totally kvelling over Bruce and Dave's gracious imaginary efforts to make honest women out of Katie and Jackie (if they don't make honest women of each other first).

If you're a new reader (thanks for dropping by!), we'll play it straight for a minute here and suffice it to say that Sidewalk Dave are our favorite CT band. They play rootsy indie rock. They're twangy and sound prematurely old (a characteristic of many of our favorite musicians who are not actually old, as well as those who are). Their lyrics mostly revolve around alcoholism and religious faith, subject matter that is probably far more appealing in a song than IRL. They sort of remind us Murder By Death, minus the sexy cello playing broad, which reminds us that Adam Turla from MBD is hot, hot stuff and we kinda totally have his phone number, which... ok, sorry, we tried. Hope you got the picture, and hope to see you at one of these gigs!

Check out the latest music video from Sidewalk Dave. This one is about booze AND religion:

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