Monday, December 20, 2010

Urban Busk - we totally know them!

Friends-of-the-blog Urban Busk are making the kind of positive cultural contribution the Scenics fully intended to make. Before we lost all our ambition and settled for coasting along on our looks, that is. CT peeps may already know Daniel Salazar III for his music. Now get to know him for his video production on these fun segments featuring area musicians along with host Kenell Turner. This could be a really awesome contribution to the scene - and to the Scenic blog! It's a visual world, but many artists still don't have any material with passable audio available on Youtube, a lose-lose scenario. 

Urban Busk is just getting under way, but check out their first two installments. Actually, we just saw Josh Aciares the other night at swanky Firebox Restaurant. Listen to that all that sensitivity - he could be the next James Blunt!

We've enjoyed JP Palace in a previous musical incarnation... what was it called? Trousersnake? Somthing cocky... looking it up now... oh, right - GIRTH. Totally blanked on that for a minute! Good thing Jackie wrote about them back in the early days of the blog. Anyway, check out JP:

If we were Urban Busk (hint, hint), we'd looking into doing upcoming segments on superior area talent like our sweethearts Sidewalk Dave (who have lots of good vids, but we can't get enough of them), or deliciously sad songstress Baby G (who could so benefit from improved Youtube presence, as could our posts about her). The Scenics will also strive (or at least talk with great enthusiasm about striving) to get our shit together into some kind of musical act so that Urban Busk will feature us!

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