Wednesday, December 15, 2010

May your holidays be gay, gay, gay

Saturday, December 18: The Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus presents "There's Something About Merry" @ Shubert Theater, New Haven

The Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus celebrates 25 years with a holiday musical show. Hey, what is that - hair gel? We can't think of anything cleverer to add when the flier is this good. But Jackie totes enjoyed a show by the CGMC last year, DH used to play with these guys (music, used to play music), and their visually hilarious mailings were a highlight of Katie's tenure at the Advocate (the Hartford one, not the gay one, alas). And this is pretty much the only holiday concert we'd ever consider attending.

Their upcoming bingo nights sound even more fun, what with the boozing, gaming, fooding and contests.

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