Monday, December 20, 2010

Don yer gay apparel

Thursday, December 23: CT Guerrilla Queer Bar @ TBA, Hartford
Hey look, it's that time again! Fourth Thursday means CT Guerrilla Queer Bar, that fun night out when CT GLBTAs descend upon a location to be announced (get it on the Facebook action for updates) and turn it gay for the night - like Katy Perry! The past couple of months the CT Guerrilla Queers broadened their horizons with forays into Manchester and New Haven. The party is back in Hartford this week, at a location - you guessed it - to be announced. We'll update when we get the word.

Never attended Guerrilla Queer Bar before? Wondering what you might expect to find there? Well, a whole lotta friends-of-the-blog, which we think recommends itself. And probably some gals in sensible footwear.

And for sure an excess of ridiculous hijinx perpetrated by grown-ass grown-ups for humiliating photo opps, like this one: