Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brazen Beauties

Saturday, December 11: The First Annual Brazen Betties Vintage Expo @ The Torrington Armory, Torrington

Scene goddess Julia "Brazen Betties" Sloan is pulling out all the stops this weekend with her first annual Vintage Expo and second annual Bettie Page look alike contest. Hot retro pin-up style girls and hot retro pin-up fashions - sounds kind of win-win to us. 

For the latecomers, friend-of-the-blog Julia features all CT designers and crafters at her excellent downtown Torrington store (we totally shop there) which is special every day - so this prime alt-shopping opportunity is going be extra special like Brazen Betties squared, or cubed, with vendors from CT and beyond with clothing, furniture, jewelry, decor and more, plus all those hot women with sassy bangs - and probably minimal clothing if they're looking to be authentic. Just try and find a picture of Bettie Page wearing more than underwear! (You may get distracted and forget what you were looking for, whatever.) Hartford based burlesque babes the Beat City Beauties will be performing and there will be a fashion show by CT designer Vintage Chic, who needs to get a website, 'cause her stuff is quite fabulous, we've totally seen it.

Admission to this event is $5, but it's free if you dress vintage, which you'll want to do anyway in order to fit in at the afterparty at Snapper Magee's, Torrington's Scenic-endorsed punk rock bar.

And, a big F U to the doubters we sometimes talk to who are all "Why would I ever go to Torrington?" Um, maybe to avoid downtown Hartford? Anyway, it's totally up and coming. It's the next god damn Collinsville. Get on it.


  1. "It's the next god damn Collinsville. Get on it." aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha! I don't even care if this is snark--I busted a gut laughing! <3

  2. SO hilarious!! LOL!! Totally pee'd a little!! Torrington rocks!

  3. Christian J. BlascoDecember 10, 2010 at 2:20 AM

    As a CT lifer I can attest to our state wide past time of apathetic snobbery and shit talking (we've all been guilty of it at one time or another). The city/town stereotypes perpetuated here are mostly off though, once I visit said city/town just about everything I've heard turns out to be bullshit! So, yeah, go to Torrington, nothing wrong with it.