Thursday, December 9, 2010

Under where?

Saturday, December 11: All-male wet underwear fundraiser @ 168 York Street Cafe, New Haven

Q: Boxers or briefs?
A: Who cares?

As we were just saying, we only want to go to charitable events that are also sexyfun. And we would totally pay up to see our new friend and favorite New Haven drag queen Robin Banks hosting an all-male wet underwear contest, even if it wasn't to benefit some folks who have taken a creative approach to falling on hard times. [But seriously, we need a frakking national health care system. We've certainly had fun at these sorts of benefits before, but ultimately we dream of a day when American health care is socialized and universal and our debauched good times can be strictly capitalist transactions-ed.]

We caught Robin's "farewell" show last weekend at the Cafe, which we'd like to say more about, if there was any time, but this week is HELL, sorry. It only took us like a month of talking about it to actually make it there - just like it only took Katie Scenic a month to figure out that Robin Banks is a hilarious pun and not a real name. We're just thrilled to announce that Robin isn't really going away-away - just taking a pause for a little reinvention (you know, like Madonna?), and not even a long enough pause to miss hosting this weekend's fun. The Scenics were pleased to explore 168 York Street, a charming dive-y basement joint - it's like your father's gay bar. Saturday night's event is $20, which you can probably write off if you're that organized.

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