Thursday, December 9, 2010

Torso Parade featuring friends-of-the-blog

Saturday, December 11: Scarlet: Art for the Heart @ Artspace, Hartford

And to continue with our grand tradition of only posting about events involving friends-of-the-blog... But seriously, how are we supposed to know if the art is any good if we don't personally like the artists? Isn't this stuff, like, totally subjective? Besides, we're trying to create the impression of an elite social culture here - is it working? (We digress.)

So this weekend about a zillion artists we totally know or at the very least sort of know, spearheaded by our Libertine friends, will be bringing their bodies (get it - they decorated torsos!) together to benefit the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease and to celebrate a friend of the scene who is herself a survivor and just a lovely person who once brought Jackie Scenic some delicious gluten-free treats when she was experimenting with dietary restrictions and everyone else was binging on gluten-ful donuts. (We used to have a thing for donuts around here, before they jumped the shark.)

From the "we totally know them department," look out for torsos by H.L. Groen, Christian Ayala, Joes Dinunzio & Galluccio. We totally know the bands too: The Kelvins & OPM. Whew! There certainly are a lot of bands out there on the interwebs named OPM, but not the one we're linking for... They're probably fine!

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