Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Night: What's Hot In Hartford?

Darling Hartford, we have not forgotten you. Sure we've been romanced away by New Haven's glut of sexy indie rock and burlesque offerings of late, and New Haven's scenesters have been really awesome about keeping us posted, so we can keep our blog posted, but this is still where we (and many of you) live.

We understand there's a new club in Hartford. At the "old G Fox" building. It doesn't bode particularly well for businesses open at the 960 Main Street site that we're still calling it that (seriously, what the fuck is G Fox?), but METRO 80s Saturday Nights at annoyingly websiteless Savin Rock sound pretty cool. A club night featuring music from the 80s that people of taste like ourselves might actually want to hear? We'll take some Sisters of Mercy, please!

We've recently noticed a trend towards younger (than 50), sexier performers at Black-eyed Sally's, which turns out to be due to our new young sexy concert booking friend. Tonight they've got Luke Mulholland, who started out as one of those teenage blues whiz kids, which is of course totally annoying in principle, but he appears to be full-grown now and has a pleasant, classic sound, and will surely be delivering some guitar heroics.

Our "home venue" Sully's Pub (psht, some home - the management deemed Katie Scenic not hot enough to bartend) is celebrating their 10th anniversary tonight, and we're  just so proud to be able to say that due to a combination of precocious alcoholism and empty lives, even the younger Scenics (i.e. not DH) have been drinking there for pretty much all ten years. The Scenics have enjoyed some memorable nights out at Sully's just since we've been blogging, like that time we went there after a disappointing night out at Zen Bar. And that time we picked up that hipster. And way back at the beginning, we fell for Scenic Pretend Boyfriend Jann Klose, who had actually read our blog, even though it was brand new and we totally had no readers! Tonight's celebratory show will feature one of our favorite CT bands, The Soul Merchants, our attractive friends The Kelvins, and Sully's "staff band" featuring Sully himself, Tongue & Cheek (whatevs).



    Have you seen In Extremo's cover of "This Corrosion"? It's more extreme than the extremest thing you've seen.